About the Journal

Project : Research — O.porto School of Architecture Research Journal is an innovative bilingual (Portuguese and English) scientific journal designed to be accessible in both digital and print formats. Published biannually by the Center for Architecture and Urbanism Studies of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Porto, this journal ensures a rigorous scholarly process with content subjected to a double-blind peer review. Embracing an open-access distribution model, the journal guarantees broad accessibility to its content. Our commitment is to foster intellectual discourse and contribute to the advancement of architectural knowledge by exploring the Architectural Project as a distinct form of thought and knowledge. We emphasise the equivalence between “project” and “research,” as indicated by the colon in the journal title, underscoring our dedication to highlighting the intrinsic relationship between these two concepts.

The journal firmly positions itself within the realm of Architectural Practices, structuring its content around diverse types of practices, such as Project practices, Theoretical practices, Historical practices, Territorial practices, and Representation practices. Each volume, centred on a specific theme, will be curated by two guest editors who are invited to contribute their unique perspectives and insights to the journal’s core pursuits. This approach builds upon the delicate balance between the persistence of certain issues within the discipline and the emergence and urgency posed by contemporary concerns.